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Library Hours: Mon 10am-2pm, Tues 3pm-7pm, Wed 10am-2pm
Thurs Closed, Fri 3pm-7pm, and Sat 9am-12pm

WELCOME to Flewellin Memorial Library

In the late 1880’s, a group of ladies decided to use the lecture room at the Congregational Church (The United Church of Christ) to open a library to the public one day a week.  There was a charge of $1 for one year.

The present library was started by the Shabbona’s Women’s Club in 1939 in the council room of the village board building.  The Ladies Club helped to furnish the room and shelves were made by the boys at the high school.

In 1941, a library board was established with business members of the town serving on the board.  The library had been supported with money donated by the WPA.  In 1942, the WPA withdrew its support.

On April 20th, 1943, the library became a village library and was now supported by taxation.  Many, many people in town worked towards improving the library by donating material.

Mrs. Lucy Douglass served as a board member for 30 years.  This record has not been broken to date.


The present library was left a sizable endowment from Mable Flewellin.  Her request was for a new library to be built in town.  A lot was purchased and the name was changed to Flewellin Memorial Library to honor her wishes. The move to the new library took place in January of 1990. 

The addition of two rooms was added in 2001, this was made possible by the DeKalb County Community Foundation Grant and patrons donating money.

The current library is much more than books. Flewellin Memorial Library continues to move forward with the services it provides to the community.  

Melanie Berg, Director


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